Advanced Windsurfing | VDWS

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The end of the course

Passed the exam

To complete the course successfully you must pay for the examination certificate. At the end of each course all VDWS windsurfing centres have the possibility of giving out the certificate. With this certificate it proves that you have gained the basic knowledge and that you have taken the exam. This license is also internationally recognised in almost all windsurfing schools and is required when hiring equipment. In many of germanys inland waters it is necessary to hold the certificate to windsurf there. You should get information on the requirements needed for you area.

Holiday windsurfers

Have you got time and pleasure to go windsurfing on holiday? This is your goal to progress from you what you have learnt. According to the area and wind conditions you can achieve your goal by taking a further course to learn using the harness, jibing, the beachstart and eventually the waterstart. The possibilities for your development depend on the wind strength and time on the water.

Now learn more

How you can go on further after the course, depends on a number of circumstances. With your motivation you have the possibilities of meeting surfers on holiday,ambitious free-time surfers or the possibilty of integrating yourself in a surf group.

Free time windsurfers

Do you want the windsurfing bug and a lot more? You only have to invest your time in a spot where you can improve. It does not take long until you get planing on a wide-body board. Further techniques like using the harness, jibing and simple tricks will soon be the real thing! Windsurfing is fun and ‘time on board’ will also allow you to use small talk accordingly.

Ambitious windsurfers with time for training

Have you really wondered when you would be completely hooked? Then you will love windsurfing, and everyone that you show it to will want to experience it. Naturally ambition plays its part in learning new moves. Also, the lifestyle will strongly attract you. There will always be new challenges for you to take on, new maneouvres which are likewise so attractive and the time on the beach to spend with the sport.