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Nature & Environment

As sailors, we feel the effects of environmental pollution on our bodies. The feeling every time we fall and plunge into dirty water is unpleasant and radically spoils the fun we have. As surfers, in particular, like all watersport users, we are conscious of the bad deal we have from the environment. As we wish for clean water and a biologically intact environment for the sport in our free time, we should look that we put as little strain on the environment as possible through surfing.

The most important environment rules on the water:

  • start only from parts of the beach where there is little growing and check before if there is a special place to leave from
  • avoid shallow areas with reeds and expanses of water with water plants
  • inform yourself of nature protected areas and keep distance from breeding areas
  • keep a minimum distance of 200 m from the concentration of birds
  • take notice of restrictions for watersports in nature protected areas
  • take consideration for all animals in wet areas of international significance