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Allround Protection in Watersports for

  • windsurfer and SUP
  • kiteboarder and snowkiter
  • dinghy and catamaran sailors

A SafetyTool insurance package costs only 39 Euros a year incl. worldwide

  • Comprehensive cover for rented equipment
  • Third party liability insurance, insured sum 3.000.000 Euros lump for physical injury/property
  • Accident Insurance

SafetyTool Insurance Conditions
SafetyTool PLUS Insurance Conditions

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1. Comprehensive insurance (damage to rented equipment)
Covered is damage or destruction of windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowkiting, wave surfing, and SUP equipment, sailingboats/catamarans or motor boats up to 45 kW (60 HP) of up to 15 meters in length that have been rented from a commercial renter or provided as part of an all-inclusive holiday, used exclusively for private purposes. The insurance sum is € 1,500 per insurance year. Deliberate damage is excluded, as are damages caused by theft and loss.
Deductible (excess) per incident: generally € 50, sailing/motor boat € 100.

2. Third-party liability insurance
Insured sum € 3,000,000 lump for physical injury/property damage
Insured is the third party liability of the applicant for the sports listed below. This insurance covers only  private use, including regatta risk.

Windsurfing/kitesurfing/snowkiting/wave surfing/SUP third party liability:
legal third party liability from ownership, possession and use of own and third party windsurfing, wave surfing, SUP, kitesurfing and snowkiting equipment.

Skipper’s third party liability: 
from the possession and use of a chartered/rented sailing boat/catamaran with or without an auxiliary engine or motorboats up to 45 kW (60 HP), without a professional crew, solely for private use, for vessels up to a length of 
15 meters.

3. Accident Insurance 
€ 16,000 disability (Children € 21,000)                           
€ 3,000 in event of death            
€ 5,000 recovery/rescue costs                                                   
€ 2,500 health cure allowance
€ 6 hospital per-diem benefit/convalescence allowance                           

The insurance protection covers all accidents suffered by the applicant in causal relation to the use of windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowkiting, wave surfing and SUP equipment and sailing boats/catamarans or motorboats up to 
45 kW (60 HP)


The Person Insured:
Is the insurance applicant.

World wide

Exceptional feature for Switzerland:
Due to applicable Swiss bylaws, insurance protection through third party insurance cover is not valid for Swiss citizens in Switzerland. Swiss insurants do however have third party insurance cover where this is taken out exclusively for validity outside Switzerland, e.g. for travelling.

At the earliest the cover starts by receipt online. This presumes that payment is by credit card, paypal or by 
direct debit. 
Should for any reason the bank transaction bank fail, then the cover is deemed null and void from the outset.
The period of insurance is one year.

The policy automatically renews when it is not terminated by giving written notice of cancelation to the VDWS 
or online at least three months prior to the renewal date.

Change of address, bank details, or cancelation of insurance should be online or addressed to: 
Dr.-Karl-Slevogt-Str. 5
D-82362 Weilheim 
phone +49 (0)881/9311-12
fax +49 (0)8819311-15 

AXA Versicherung AG, Köln

Südwest Ring (abbreviated SWR) is responsible for the processing of damage claims.
Südwest Ring Versicherungsmakler GmbH,
Abt-Hyller-Str. 4
D-88250 Weingarten/Germany
phone +49 (0)751-56036-80
fax +49-(0)751-56036-17
Online claims can be submitted on the web