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Insurance for Watersportcenter and Instructors

The normal, standard products from the insurance industry do not provide adequate coverage for schools and instructors. The VDWS has therefore signed special framework agreements with the insurance broker SüdwestRing. The advantage for our members: complete insurance coverage + low premiums.

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Expatriate Health Insurance

  • Expatriate Health Insurance including insurance coverage for temporary home-country visits)
  • 100% of costs for medically required hospitalisation, outpatient and dental treatment + 80% of denture costs.
  • Full coverage for visits to home country.
  • Easy registration and cessation of insurance cover; earliest start on day of departure; coverage expires on final return to home country.

Application form health insurance


General Liability Insurance

For Schools
A General Liability insurance policy can be put together in a modular system. All areas of activity in a water sports school can be insured: instruction + hire of sailing and motor boats, catamarans, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, canoeing and kayaking, towing on water of water skis, bananas, tubes and similar. Special feature: all self-employed instructors are also insured and require no individual personal liability insurance.

For Instructors
Personal General Liability insurance for windsurfing and water sports instructors who are not insured via the school or who are, for example, active on behalf of an association. Personal liability insurance for the family, including windsurfing and kitesurfing is included.

For Trainee Instructors
For Personal General Liability, including windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

Personal Insurance

Accident insurance
Risk protection against sporting accidents, as well as private and professional activities: members can take out competitively priced insurance against invalidity (physical disability after an accident), repatriation and associated costs, death and hospital daily benefits after an accident. The insurance policy is valid both globally and around the clock (24-hour coverage). Please download offers and contracts from the Internet (see above).

Pension - risk coverage
Members can request a premium and yield comparison covering over 100 different insurance companies from our cooperation partner SüdwestRing, covering any of the following: private pension scheme, endowment life insurance policy, saving funds (shares, pension funds, property funds), term life assurance, occupational disablement insurance policy. 

Property Insurance

In school buildings: school equipment, fixtures and fittings, office and workshop: A form of business insurance can be taken out to cover building contents against fire, theft following breaking and entering, storm/hail and mains water damage.

Boats: Can be insured against damage and theft through a fully comprehensive policy or one giving limited coverage SüdwestRing works with all the major German insurance companies as well as with specialist agents. Our independent cooperation partners find the best offer, depending on type of boat, usage, and where used. Constant care and attention are part of our regular service when changes are made or a claim is required.