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Center Management

At this occasion, we discuss constructively everything that has to do with the planning, preparation and implementation of your own water sports school, the foundation of your own water sports company.
The experience of our past, successful management seminars shows that not only newcomers to self-employment, but also many "old hands", who have been leading successful companies for many years, like to come to the VDWS management seminar more than once, to get some update and inspiration and to check self-critically their own processes and practices during the exchange with other participants and the speakers. The list of speakers, most of whom come from the world of water sports, reads like the who is who of the experts. It is also characteristic in this context that the speakers are always happy to participate in the entire seminar event, even across disciplines, and that the places for speakers are much sought-after.


Requirements for participation

VDWS Watersport Instructor Licence in at least one of the VDWS disciplines:
Ideally, the participants should have sufficient practical experience in water sports training and center organization.

Course contents

Quality standards at VDWS centres, contracts, personel law, insurance, staff management, founding and extension of schools, marketing, Practical examples of successful water sports companies

Course conclusion

After the course each participant receives the confirmation of having successfully participated in the training and a licence for school management, to become a VDWS member school.

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