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VDWS Instructor Trainings

The VDWS qualification system allows instructors to build up an individual job profile that can be expanded step by step. Further education workshops for school management and the supervision of internships complete this qualification system. 

The VDWS Instructor can improve and deepen his knowledge in different watersports areas as Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing and SUP from basic to advanced. 


You can start your watersports career at the age of 16 as a WATERSPORTS ASSISTANT. The training takes place in one of our licensed Watersports Centers  and is a great stepping stone towards our Level 1 Instructor Training Seminars. 

From the age of 18 you have the chance to also start directly with your education as a LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR. After the theoretical preparation for the course at home, Level 1 Seminars in Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Sailing take 8 days of training in one of our VDWS education centers. Level 1 SUP Instructor Seminars are a little shorter and only take 4 days.

During those seminars, the participants have to take a practical exam, a teaching exam and a theoretical exam. In order to get the Level 1 Instructor Licence, you have to pass at least the practical and the teaching exam. 

In order to get the VDWS LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTORS license, Level 1 Licence holders, have to pass all the exams of the Level 1 Seminars, hand in all the additonal documtens like a first aid certificate, Rescue Swimming license, and have prove that they are able to rescue a student by the use of a powerboat.

Most importantly, they have to undertake a 100 hour internship in one of our VDWS Intern Centers. The Staff of those Centers is especially trained in order to guarentee a very high level of education. As a Level 2 Instructror you´re able to issue the VDWS Basic Certificates for your students. 

Holders of the Level 2 Licence have different options now to develop their skill set and abilities further with us. 

VDWS LEVEL 3 INSTRUCTOR: You want to become an expert in teaching not only beginners, but also highly advanced manouvers to your students? Than you should join a VDWS Level 3 Instructor course.

SUPERVISIOR : You´re an experienced Instructor and not only like to teach students who want to learn Windsurfing, Kiting or sailing but you´re also interested in teaching new instructors on how to teach, then join one of our supervisor seminars. 

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT: You like to open your own watersports center or like to manage one? Than you should join one of the management course offered by us. 

All our Licenses are valid for three years. After those three years you have to join one of our update seminars.

  • Skills of demonstration
  • Introduction into lessonplanning
  • Lesson organisation
  • Structure beginnercourse
  • Advanced lesson
  • Kids lesson
  • Chances and possibilities after the instructor seminar
  • Equipment
  • Weather


Welcome! You are open minded and you like to be with people? You love to be outside and one of your skills is flexibility? Then 2-8 weeks of becoming a watersport assistant would just be perfect for you. Spend your school holidays in one of our watersportcenters to get to know the watersports business better.

Windsurf   Kitesurf  Sail  SUP

Level 1 Instructor

Waterspors are your passion, you are open minded and love working with other people? Becoming a Watersports Instructor might just be the right thing for you! Join one of our Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing or SUP courses to turn your passion into a profession! 

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP

Level 2 Instructor

Congratiulations! You are already VDWS Level 1 Instructor and you want to take the next step in your watersports career? Together with a successful theoretical exam of the Level 1 Instructor and an internship you will become a VDWS Level 2 Instructor. This allows you to independently teach and issue VDWS Basic licences at one of our VDWS Centers.

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP

Level 3 Instructor

Experienced Level 2 Instructors who would like to develop more professional skills in advanced teaching methods and keep up to date on trends are invited to join our Level 3 Instructors seminars. Level 3 instructors are methodical experts and pros on the water who want to work more in advanced teaching.

Windsurf  Kitesurf  Segeln  SUP

Supervisor Internship

Supervisor Seminars are aimed at experienced instructors who like to pass their practical and theoretical knowledge to aspiring VDWS teachers in their internship. Pass on your wealth of experience and participate actively in the further education of the VDWS Level 2 Insturctors.



Center management workshops thematizes and constructively discusses the planning, preperation and implementation of new VDWS Watersports Center. It will entitle you to register and to manage an independent VDWS Watersports Center.


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