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Basic Licence Catamaran

Since 1993 the VDWS issues the basic catamaran licence. It is a proof of qualification for catamaran sailors, who have passed the practical and the theoretical exam. The basic catamaran licence makes hiring of boards much easier. Many holiday clubs in Germany and abroad insist on this licence when it comes to hiring of boards.

Training and Examination Rules

Depending on previous knowledge, the training for the basic catamaran licence takes about 15 hours in theory and practical experience. The training target is decisive for the duration of the courses. The students should be able to set sail, to sail in the training area and to return to the starting point in a safe way with a wind up to 3 bft. After a training period of 15 hours, the exam can be done. Afterwards the students should sail at least 15 hours under the supervision of an instructor, just to obtain the necessary safety in handling the catamaran. The hours will be confirmed in the basic catamaran licence. More than one hour can be stamped per field.


One exam in theory and one exam in practical experience are necessary to obtain the basic catamaran licence. Parts of the practical exam (for example setting sails, rescuing, knots, capsizing, righting up the catamaran) can be checked during a course.

Practical Exam
Setting sails, rescuing, knots, casting off, docking, stand-by position, speed control, stopping through sailing into the wind and heaving, steering and sailing in different courses with the right sail position, beating at least 300 metres in windward, at least 2 tacks and 2 jibes, capsizing, righting. The exam should be done with a wind up to 3 bft. You have passed the practical exam as soon as you are able to do the required exercises and manoeuvres. Part of that is also returning to the starting point.

Theoretical Exam
Material knowledge, common knowledge of lw, sailing theory, safety, nature and environment, knots and their use. In the theoretical exam a questionnaire has to be filled in. The possible total number of points and the minimum number are stated on the questionnaire. If the result of theexam is not satisfactory, an oral exam can be done with similar questions out of other questionnairs. It is possible to repeat the exam after an adequate time to learn.